Protinex launches #OneLegChallenge to build awareness around the importance of muscle strength among Indian adults to lead healthy lives

8 Apr 2022

Protinex launches #OneLegChallenge to build awareness around the importance of muscle strength among Indian adults to lead healthy lives

It aims to demonstrate how seemingly healthy adults could be suffering from lack of strength that can hold them back from doing day-to-day activities with ease and leading healthier, happier, and fitter lives

Mumbai, April 8, 2022: With an aim to drive awareness around the role of protein in improving strength among Indian adults, Protinex the flagship brand of Danone India, today launched an integrated digital campaign #OneLegChallenge. The campaign urges Indian adults to test their strength by taking up the One-Leg challenge. The six-week-long campaign will include multiple national and regional influencers who will be taking up this challenge by creating a positive chain of influence with influencers asking others to take up the challenge and share their scores.

The campaign includes a digital film that will be promoted on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook showing how a diverse group of people fared when asked on taking the One-Leg Challenge.

The challenge is to stand barefoot with crossed arms over the chest and raise one foot in such a way that it should not touch the standing leg. The time that one is able to hold the posture reveals if one’s strength is appropriate for the age. This campaign aims to demonstrate how seemingly healthy adults could, in fact, be suffering from a lack of strength that can hold them back from leading healthier, happier and fitter lives.

The poor and consistently deteriorating strength among Indian adults is a growing concern. According to a study done by InBody and IPSOS, in 2018, 71% of Indian adults were suffering from poor muscle health and awareness on intake of protein to maintain muscle health was low.

Studies show that muscle loss begins from the age of 30 and up to 25% of muscle loss can occur during middle age. Since muscles are made up of protein, a diet enriched with protein combined with exercise will help regain muscle mass and strength.

Mr. Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing Director, Danone India, said,“Not many Indians are aware of the pivotal role that muscle strength plays in leading a healthy life. Through the launch of #OneLegChallenge our intent is to provide an easy way for Indian adults to test their strength vs what is expected of their age. The video encourages viewers to try the test by visiting a dedicated page that has been created to help them take the challenge and understand the results. They can also check if their daily diets provide the required amount of nutrients and take the help of a nutritionist who will design a 30-day diet plan free of cost.”

Through this, the aim is to raise awareness and inspire Indians to take the right amount of protein and lead a healthy life.

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