Global Overview

One Planet. One Health

At Danone, we believe that food is healthy and that human health is inseparable from that of our planet and the living conditions of communities. It is this idea that we wish to express through our new signature “One Planet. One Health” , a call to join the food revolution and to realize the power of each of our consumer choices on our health and society.


“At Danone, we believe that each time we eat and drink, we can vote for the world we want. That’s the heart of the Alimentation Revolution, a movement which calls for the adoption of healthier and more sustainable ways of designing, producing and marketing food.”

Emmanuel Faber (CEO, Danone)

Delivering health through food to as many people as possible: that is the mission which guides the Danone teams on an everyday basis. We offer nutritious and balanced food products that taste good and deliver a health benefit to a large number of consumers. Today Danone operates worldwide through four businesses that enjoy leadership positions in most markets. At Danone, our purpose is to favour healthier eating practices, and we believe this can only be achieved by considering food in the broader sense: a cultural, social, emotional and physiological experience, where both nutrition and enjoyment play a key role to sustaining health.

Fresh Dairy Products As Part of Danone's Sales

Essential Dairy and Plant Based Product- No.1 World wide

We offer fresh dairy products as well as plant-based products and beverages, two distinct but complementary pillars. Started in 1919 with the creation of the first yogurt in a pharmacy in Barcelona, fresh dairy products (notably yogurt) is Danone’s original business. They are natural, fresh, healthy and local.
The plant-based products and beverages line that came with the acquisition of WhiteWave in April 2017 combines natural or flavored beverages made from soy, almonds, coconuts, rice, oats, etc., as well as plant-based alternatives to yogurt and cream (cooking products). Through this acquisition, Danone seeks to develop and promote the plant-based category around the world.
Thanks to this expanded and more diversified portfolio, Danone can satisfy the growing demand for natural, nutritious and environmentally friendly products as well as the needs of ‘flexitarians’, i.e. consumers looking to diversify their sources of protein, for whom plant-based products represent an alternative meeting their needs.

Waters As Part of Danone's Sales

Water- No.2 World Wide

Danone is one of the world’s leading bottled water and Aquadrink companies. This leadership in the water segment is the result of a keen eye toward consumer trends, constant innovation, and a desire to fully embed healthy hydration into our business strategy.
Danone is constantly working on developing healthy hydration habits from an early age. Through awareness campaigns, reaching millions of people, Danone puts its commitment to help spread the word about healthy hydration in action. We also promote sustainable water practices throughout our operations and strive to protect and restore our natural water ecosystems in cooperation with local communities and stakeholders.

Early Life Nutrition As Part of Danone's Sales

Specialized Nutrition

Early Life Nutrition– No.2 World Wide

We Make every day count for you and your baby

Central to our mission is the core belief that what you do and eat in First 1000 days makes the difference for the rest of your life. We believe that by helping mums and babies get the right nutrition during the first 1000 days – from the start of pregnancy until her baby is two years old – we can and will positively influence their short- and long-term health outcomes. Our product portfolio is designed to deliver optimal nutrition to meet the specific needs during every developmental stage of the first 1000 days, and beyond. Together with our partners, we have always advocated the importance of nutrition for infants and young children, including breastfeeding.

Medical Nutrition As Part of Danone's Sales

Advanced Medical Nutrition- No.1 in Europe

Specialized Nutrition comprises Early Life Nutrition (ELN) and Advanced Medical Nutrition (AMN). These two businesses represent a portfolio of science-based nutritional solutions designed to positively impact health through food for people who need it most, and at the most critical times of their lives, from preterm infants to old age.
Advanced Medical Nutrition (AMN) focuses on providing innovative solutions in paediatric nutrition as well as adult nutrition.