Iron-Rich Foods

Iron-Rich Foods

Preventing anemia and promoting healthy development

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Hence, Iron rich food needs to be prioritized in complementary feed…

Iron is an essential for production of blood, helps in building immune system and promotes normal brain development. Inadequate iron intake results in iron deficiency anemia, symptoms include fatigue, impaired memory and learning, and poor immune functions. Iron deficiency anemia is commonly seen in infants and young children.

Feeding cow’s milk before 12 months of age can cause iron deficiency anemia. It has also been linked to hidden gastrointestinal bleeding.

Continue to breast feed while supplementing the infant’s diet with nutrient dense & iron-rich foods.

Include foods like pureed meat, poultry and fish, and iron-fortified infant cereals.

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DISCLAIMER: The above is suggestive meal plan, please consult with your dietician before following this plan.