Making top quality products for Indian consumers is a priority at Danone. We work with well-established co manufacturers
and also operate our own manufacturing site in Punjab for our Early life nutrition business.


We follow stringent internationally compliant production standards and best practices to ensure that the products comply with the highest standards of quality and safety requirements as well as local regulations.

In order to introduce Danone’s internationally acclaimed Super premium range of products in India and to meet future increase in demand, Danone recently set up a state of the art multistage spray dryer which will escalate plant capacity from current 6256 MT/ annum to 10231 MT/ annum.


This new spray drying facility offers flexibility to manufacture all types of powders including Danone’s international brands. This spray dryer makes this plant a CODEX compliant facility.

Besides this, the new drying facility matches the global DBN standards of food safety and other safety requirements such as human safety & dryer safety.