Protinex Diabetes care

Protinex Diabetes care

Protinex Diabetes Care has high protein and high fibre. It is clinically proven to have a low Glycemic Index of 17 which is also important in blood sugar management. Protinex Diabetes Care is low in fat and comes with no added sugar. Making this a part of your daily routine with medication & regular exercise can help manage blood sugar levels better and enhance overall well-being.


Scientifically designed with nutrients
to help manage blood sugar levels

  • Low GI

    Low GI foods help improve blood glucose control

  • High Fibre

    Helps in managing blood sugar level and weight

  • High Protein

    Helps in providing strength and energy to stay active & healthy

  • Enriched with 26 Vitamins & Minerals

    Consists 26 essential vitamins and minerals 11 of which are immuno-nutrients helping build immunity

  • Zero Added Sugars

    Does not contain added sugars

    *Contains naturally occurring sugars

  • Low Fat

    Low in fat content per serve


High Fibre

Fibre helps in management of blood sugar levels and weight

High Protein

Protein helps in providing strength & energy to stay active
& healthy

Low GI = 17

Low Glycemic Index (GI) foods help improve blood glucose control


Food for Special Dietary Use- Food for Individuals with Diabetes.
Protinex Diabetes Care is to be consumed as a part of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.
Protein rich diets and fibre rich diets have shown to help reduce HbA1C, blood glucose levels and manage weight by helping better weight loss.
*Protinex® has nutrients* that help build bone and muscle strength (calcium, protein, vitamin D).
Tey et al. Glycaemic responses to liquid food supplements among three Asian ethnic groups. European journal of nutrition. 2016 Dec;55(8):2493-8.
~Gannon et al. An increase in dietary protein improves the blood glucose response in persons with type 2 diabetes.
The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2003 Oct 1;78(4):734-41.
~Chen et al. Therapeutic effects of soluble dietary fiber consumption on type 2 diabetes mellitus. Experimental and therapeutic medicine. 2016 Aug 1;12(2):1232-42.

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