Research & Innovation

Our Research Centres and other R&D facilities across the globe bring together more than 400 passionate employees with a variety of expertise representing over 35 nationalities. Our main research centre is located in Utrecht Science Park, The Netherlands, with another satellite research centre in Singapore.

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The main focus of our R&D team is to understand the mechanisms by which nutritional components influence health, providing sound clinical evidence, and translating scientific concepts into innovative products which deliver a pleasant consumer experience. In addition we focus on research in the area of early life nutrition, early colonisation and development of gut microbiota, infection and allergies in young children.

Our various R&D facilities across the globe help bring the international science and technology at a local level. Our commitment to research includes close collaborations, partnerships and open dialogue with research institutes, universities, hospitals and industry suppliers around the world.We run worldwide research programmes in close partnerships with experts and healthcare professionals and share our knowledge through publications, meetings or symposiums.

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Innovating for Indians, keeping in mind
the local nutritional needs

In India, we have invested in local R&D facilities, and designed local recipes specifically tailored for Indian tastes and nutritional needs. While some of our products come from our International portfolio of nutrition products, others such as Protinex Elaichi has been designed by our R&D teams in India. When we create products for India, we give high attention to the nutritional needs of the population to address deficiencies such as iron, vitamins, and protein.