Science Behind Danone


Ever since its inception in the year 1919, Danone Company’s fundamental DNA has been firmly anchored in the belief of providing consumers with healthy food. We are convinced that food is the origin of our pleasure, well-being and health. Hence Danone portfolio of products has a unique pivot- they are beneficial to health on a daily basis as they are carefully integrated and kept up to date with the recommendations of local and international health authorities.

Beneficial to Health
Early Life Nutrition

EARLY LIFE NUTRITION: We Make Every day count for you and your baby

Danone Early life Nutrition is dedicated to help mothers and babies eat well during the first 1,000 days, a crucial period that helps to build health capital and preserves it throughout life.Our mission is made possible by our science. Our understanding of the influence of science on innovation, quality and education puts it at the core of our early-life work.
Nutrition in the early stages of a child’s development determines, in a large part, his or her health as an adult. Given the specific nutritional needs of infants and young children for optimal growth and development, the quality of their diet can therefore have a profound impact on their health later in life.

Our Focus is on building a solid health foundation in early life. Our research programmes address all key scientific topics in maternal physiology during pregnancy and lactation, composition and health benefits of human milk, prenatal and postnatal growth. We also investigate the development of gut function, microbiota, immune system, brain and metabolism of infants and young children.