FOS, the good fibre for your baby

Fibre is good for your baby because of many reasons. In this blog, we will learn more about a good fibre called FOS naturally found in fruits and vegetables.  

FOS or fructooligosaccharides (fruc-toh-oli-go-sack-a-rides) may be tough to pronounce on your tongue but is really great for your little baby! FOS is one of the good fibres around that is a boon for your baby’s tummy! Read on to know more about this little known fibre that has multiple benefits.

What are FOS?

FOS is a good fibre that can help your baby’s tummy to be in good shape. It is naturally found in foods such as tomatoes, honey, bananas, and apples. Just like any fibre, FOS is a soluble fibre, meaning it turns into a jelly-like mass in your baby’s gut. Most of its health benefits are because of this feature of FOS.  1

How does FOS help my baby?

Now usually, your baby’s tummy has a mix of both good and bad bacteria. Higher numbers of bad bacteria can lead to sickness in babies whereas higher number of good bacteria is seen in well growing, healthy babies. 2

A good fibre like FOS helps in increasing the numbers of good bacteria in your baby’s tummy thus preventing sickness. Higher numbers of good bacteria in your baby’s tummy is also a sign of good immunity. Your baby will fall sick less often and hence grow well.

FOS, like any other good fibre, can prevent constipation in your child. FOS absorbs more water which makes the poop soft. A soft poop is really easy for your baby to pass without any straining. The good bacteria in your baby’s tummy has also shown to help in turning your baby’s poop soft! The end result is a happy and easy going toilet time for your baby. 3

A Happy baby means a happy family!

No parent wants their baby to be crying and in a cranky mood most of the time. Such a change in disposition also means frequent visits to the paediatrician. How many times has this happened that you have done everything to make your baby comfortable but to no avail and the doc says that a mild tummy discomfort is the reason? How your baby’s tummy feels will determine how they feel! A good fibre like FOS can help clear tummy problems. This means a happy baby that sleeps well, plays well, grows well and is generally a smiling baby! 4

Often new parents are quite worried about parenting and how to read their baby’s moods! A good fibre like FOS is every parent’s best friend as it ensures lesser infections, good growth, better tummy and an overall happier baby. But nothing compares to the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby. Peadiatricians routinely recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months for this reason.

Parenting can be a tough ride but hold on, you are doing a fabulous job! Happy parenting!


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