Timeline of Child Milestones, Development Stages, and Signs

Timeline of Child Milestones, Development Stages, and Signs

There are many childhood milestones that parents should keep a watch out for. Motor and language skills are some of the important ones to be noticed. Having said that, you should remember that every child is different. Don’t compare your baby to older siblings or any other child.

The milestones are generalized for all children and are approved by many health experts. Even if your child can fulfill 80% of the mentioned milestones, she is probably doing okay.

Any alarming sign should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Up to 1.5 years (18 months Milestones)
Motor, Communication and Feeding milestones

  • She walks independently by now and doesn’t fall often
  • She can pick up toys on her own
  • Can stack a couple of objects
  • Is helpful when you are dressing or undressing
  • Sleeps regularly and eats well
  • She is using few words and is combining sounds and gestures
  • Follows your simple directions and is responding to your questions
  • Trying to talk
  • Can understand your questions and respond with a yes or no
  • Raises hands to be picked up and maintains eye contact
  • Responds to her name being called
  • Points to objects of interest by 12 months
  • Enjoys playing with new toys
  • Is always crawling, climbing or walking.
  • She now crawls towards the toy she wants
  • Maintains balance while sitting
  • Uses both hands equally to play with and explore toys
  • Seeks out various new ways to move and play

Warning Signs
If your baby is portraying any of the below signs, you should consult your doctor

  • Unable to take steps independently
  • Poor standing balance and falls frequently
  • Walks on toes
  • Not trying to hold objects with her thumb and little finger
  • Too sensitive to loud sounds and overreacts to it
  • Is not okay with parent’s touch or cuddling
  • Shows an unusual level of fear whenever lifted
  • Is not trying to communicate, not responding to her name being called, not trying to babble

By 2 years (24 Months Milestones)
Motor, Communication and Social skills

  • Always trying to learn to talk and tries imitating you
  • Understands new words quickly. Can identify some body parts
  • Understands pronouns like ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘me’ and ‘my’
  • Starts understanding your actions
  • Responds when her name is called
  • Has becomes social. Enjoys other children’s company
  • Follows 2 step instructions
  • Enjoys swinging
  • Enjoys playing with Toys
  • Enjoys listening to stories
  • Enjoys bath time
  • Is generally happy when not hungry or tired
  • Sleeps well
  • Cries when hurt

Warning Signs
If your baby is portraying any of the below signs, you should consult your doctor

  • Cannot speak even 15 words
  • Does not understand simple words like “Yes”, “No”, ‘Come” etc.
  • Cannot Walk
  • Does not like to play with toys and other children
  • Doesn’t understand your simple actions

You should always observe your kid and any warning sign that she shows. Do not compare her with other children. In case of any issue, visit the doctor. Do not make any assumptions.