6 Tips To Eat Right During Pregnancy

6 Tips To Eat Right During Pregnancy

Pregnancy- A roller coaster ride of 9 months for women. These 9 months are full of emotions and experiences. Among all the emotions, one thing that shouldn’t be compromised upon is a balanced diet. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating well is a key factor in making the pregnancy experience better. The body undergoes a lot of changes, so the Moms-to-be should be cautious of what they eat and what they shouldn’t. From whole-grains to lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, a balanced diet with variety can be nourishing as well as tasty to keep up the health regime. If you are a Mom-to-be or know someone who’s pregnant, read on the tips on how to eat right during pregnancy:

1. Tune your diet right
During pregnancy, women need to intake more protein, vitamins and minerals like folic acid and iron, along with a good intake of calories for more energy. Consult a qualified dietitian for a detailed diet chart as per your body weight and body type. You also need to keep in mind that eating better doesn’t mean eating more or less. In the second trimester, you need about 350 calories extra per day. This may change if you are underweight or overweight during the trimesters.

2. Skipping unsafe food, even if they’re your favourite
Almost all women crave for certain kinds of food during their pregnancy, but one needs to be careful and determined about consuming healthy food during pregnancy. A few of your favourite dishes can be harmful to you and your baby. Some of the most prominent foods to be avoided during pregnancy are: Raw Seafood like oysters or sushi, unpasteurized milk and cheese made from it, raw or undercooked meat and poultry dishes etc. The reason being these undercooked meals can be the carrier of bacteria that can be harmful to you and your baby.

3. Give up on Alcohol
Consuming alcohol may have severe effects on the physical and mental health of the baby, as per many child and mother-care experts. It’s highly recommended to give up on alcohol completely for the entire 9 months of pregnancy (and during breastfeeding as well) and choose healthy options like fresh juices and refreshing mocktails.

4. Go Easy on Caffeine
Yes, ladies! You might have to cut down on your favourite coffee as well if you intake more than 300 mg (1-2 cups). Excess caffeine in form of tea, coffee and sodas can affect the growth of the child, as per some studies conducted. It’s better to switch to decaffeinated tea, coffee or sodas. Even better to switch to healthier drinks like Skimmed milk, lassi or water with a squeeze of lemon.

5. Supplements Help
During pregnancy, the woman’s body needs a lot of vital nutrients in abundance in order to meet up to the needs. A well-balanced supplement like Protinex Mama which is rich in high-quality protein and DHA along with multiple nutrients that help in the overall growth and brain development of the baby. The supplements can help meet the nutritional needs which may not be met only with the food one intakes.

6. Quit “Diet”ing
“Diet”ing during pregnancy is certainly a bad decision. The Moms-to-be need a lot of nutrients and “diet”ing can pose a problem in meeting the requirement of the body. Weight gain is one of the positive signs of a healthy pregnancy. In order to have a normal pregnancy, it’s important to eat well and gain healthy weight. If you’re eating wholesome food and gaining weight gradually, you can be assured of a healthy pregnancy. As per experts, it is also healthy to have small meals frequently. Even if you feel hungry between meals, grab a bite without worrying. Just make sure your snacking is healthy!