5 Ways to Give Your Little One’s Immune System a Fabulous Start

5 Ways to Give Your Little One’s Immune System a Fabulous Start

Being new parents is an experience that changes your life completely! The sweet bundle of joy brings abundant happiness in your life and you tend to be there for your kid no matter what. The lovely feeling of being there for someone and taking care of your little one can be most satisfying.

Being prepared since the beginning for all of your baby’s basic needs will help you later as well. Below are some points to help you give your wee one’s health a great start and stronger immunity.

1. Preparation during pregnancy
Keeping in mind the early days of your little one, you should start preparing for their health during pregnancy itself. Being stress-free can also aid your baby in achieving better health.
Try to have foods from different food groups so that you can have a balanced diet. Inclusion of nutritional supplements (with doctor’s consent) in a new mother’s diet not only helps the mother but also gives the baby’s immune system a head start.

2. Steps to take during early age
Many studies in recent years have led to the conclusion that breastfeeding your young ones is a great way to support their immune system. A stronger immune system results in the prevention of many diseases which usually take place during the early age of childhood. Colostrum or your first milk helps your little one in developing a better immunity.

3. Healthy Food and Diet for Your Baby
In order to provide better immunity to your child, try to include lots of fresh veggies and fruitsin your child’s diet. Take care of the fact that food from all the different food groups should be present in their diet. Always keep in mind that the early developmental age of your child requires extra care and extra nutrients. Hence, take a step towards a healthy beginning (healthy eating practices) which will lead to a healthy individual.

4. Making those playground hours count
It is known that only balanced nutrition is not enough for children. Apart from this, they also need to regularly indulge in exercise / physical activity. When your child gets a little workout period of their own, it helps in their overall development.
A little session of outdoor activity / sports during daytime will help your child to come in contact with natural sunlight. This results in the intake and synthesis of Vitamin D. This vitamin is essentially needed for the absorption of calcium which helps in making your child’s bones and teeth stronger.

5. A healthy environment for your healthy child!
There are many aspects related to a healthy environment around your child. Proper sanitary and hygienic conditions around your child is one of them! Be a role model and teach them the basics of maintaining good hygiene practices like washing their hands before and after using the toilet and before taking a meal.
A positive environment around your kids keeps them stress-free and healthy.

Lastly, spend time with your child, communicate a lot and make him / her feel happy and secure.