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Delightful Flavours of Nutrition

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Protinex Rich Chocolate

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Protinex Creamy Vanilla

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Aptamil Gold

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Aptamil Premium

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Protinex Original

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First Thousand days of motherhood

Embellish your journey of pregnancy by enhancing your know-how. Take a glance at our write-ups and create eternal memories to be cherished forever

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Actions defined by passion

Vision, Value & Social Initiatives

At Danone, we are wholly dedicated to achieving health through food. Inspired by the Danone mission and expressed in our Manifesto, we have three sustainability goals:

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Danone at a Glance

Danone is operating in more than a 130 countries across the five continents. The Company's diversification and expansion strategy involves:

Thinking the unthinkable

Research & Innovation

Food is an endless source of benefits. It contributes daily to your health and well-being.

Hear out the words of happiness


Prajnya Mohanty

Prajnya Mohanty

Protinex has helped me match up with the high energy of my 6yrs old. I don't feel tired,lazy and ready for any game even at the end of day.

Allwyn John

Allwyn John

I work in IT my schedules is crazy. Used to end up eating food at odd times. Morning used to be a challenge getting up. A friend recommended Protinex in the night before sleep. Thanks to him feel more active and less fatigue.

Natasha Rajput

Natasha Rajput

Working in an advertising agency usually means having long work hours and extremely hectic schedules. Due to this you often tend to miss out on meals and are exhausted by the end of the day. So my easy fix for this situation is drinking a glass of milk with ProtineX. This not only tastes great but also keeps me energetic and active. I'm so glad to have an instant fix for fatigue that is also nutritious.

Ruhin Chatterjee

Ruhin Chatterjee

As an employee at an advertising agency, life is always hectic. The crazy hours, regular late nights, stressing over tight deadlines, it can all take quite a toll on your health. But since I started drinking Protinex, I've found more energy to power through all of it every single day.

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Important Notice

Breast milk is best for babies. At Danone India, we support breast feeding and believe that breast milk is the best food for babies as the sole source of nutrition for the first 6 months of life and is recommended to be continued until 2 years with the introduction of appropriate complementary foods after 6 months of age.