Protinex Bytes

Protinex Bytes

A bite of Protein anytime, anywhere


Protein is one of the most important everyday nutrients for all of us. However, due to a busy lifestyle, it gets difficult to meet our daily protein needs. That’s why we at Protinex, bring to you a snack that gathers convenience, taste, health and of course, Protein in every bite! Protinex Bytes provides High Protein and 26 essential Nutrients to help fulfil your daily nutritional needs in a convenient manner.

Nutritional Facts

Protinex Bytes – Nutrition on the Go, is your Protein-rich companion to manage on – the – go hunger. Each Byte comes with a wholesome nutrition to help retain your energy levels.

    • High Protein
    • 0% Trans fat
    • Goodness of Multigrain
    • Contains 26 vital nutrients
    • 100% Vegetarian Source of Protein

Feeding Instructions Facts

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Important Notice

Breast milk is best for babies. At Danone India, we support breast feeding and believe that breast milk is the best food for babies as the sole source of nutrition for the first 6 months of life and is recommended to be continued until 2 years with the introduction of appropriate complementary foods after 6 months of age.