What is One Planet
One Health?

At Danone, we believe that food is healthy and that human health is inseparable from that of our planet and the living conditions of communities. It is this idea that we wish to express through our new signature.

“One Planet. One Health”

What are we doing?

Danone is doing its bit to take care of Planet & People.

One Planet

We at Danone, are trying our best to do our bit. We’re changing for the health of the planet and its people by reducing our plastic consumption, recycling clean plastics, conserving water at our factories and promoting sustainable farming.

Did You know?

India is faced with a severe water crisis with over 600 million people grappling with high water stress.

Giving back to Nature through Water Preservation

Water has always been referred to as the ‘Elixir of Life.’ And there is no doubt that it’sessential for the very survival of life.

Freshwater makes up only 2.5% of all of Earth’s water.

Did You know?

Approximately 40 % of India’s plastic waste is neither collected nor recycled properly.

Tackling our plastic problem through a circular economy

Our planet today is faced with a tremendous amount of environmental challenges,

10% of all plastic packaging materials produced worldwide is recycled?

Did You know?

B4IG members have invested $1.4 billion in more than 70 inclusive growth projects, which will benefit over 120 million people.

Bringing our ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision to life through sustainability and the help of stakeholders

To help take on social inequalities and promote inclusive growth,

The health of the planet and its people are interconnected

One Health

They say, change starts from within. That’s why our dream of a healthy planet begins with its people being healthy on the inside.

Did You know?

More than 72% of Indians consume protein deficient diets.

Bringing health through food to as many people as possible

Our mission at Danone is to ‘bring health through food to as many people as possible’

Danone has partnered with The Eat right movement to create awareness about healthier food choices, and we have pledged to reduce sugar in our portfolio by what %.