How to maintain Nutrition in Hyperactive Kids

How to Maintain Nutrition in Hyperactive Kids?

“My child has a very low attention span due to his hyperactivity” ….” she is so active that she does not gain weight”…..“ he does not like to sit at one place”….“ she does not want to rest whole day” ….“He flits from one toy to another, climbs on every possible surface, it’s impossible to stop him”…

Mothers are always worried about their hyperactive kids, their health and nutritional status. Here are a few suggestions which will help mothers provide a well-balanced diet to their kids.

1. Manage their nutrients

Foods that we all eat consist of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). For proper growth and development, for daily energy needs, kids are required to consume all the nutrients on a daily basis. Mothers should make sure that their children eat all the required nutrients and their recommended dietary allowances are met.

2. Serve One meal Dish

Hyperactive kids may have a “low attention span”. Generally, these kids do not sit for a long time to finish their full meal with 4-5 varieties. They tend to eat something and leave the rest. So, preparing one meal dish which consists of all three macronutrients will help them to get proper energy and nutrients. A mother should serve fewer varieties but more combinations of foods in one dish like vegetable dal paratha, vegetable khichdi or paneer vegetable sandwich.

3. Avoid distractions

The low attention span of these kids results into less chewing and possibility of taking fewer calories. For dinner, dine with the family and keep aside the gadgets like mobile, iPad, laptops or television. Having meals with the family will help the child interact better with family and understand family foods.

4. Water- essential life source

Hyperactive kids tend to sweat a lot and amidst all their mischief they forget to hydrate themselves. Children lose more water through sweat than adults. Give them water at regular intervals. Hydration can also be maintained through other fluids like coconut water, lemon water, juices, buttermilk etc.

5. Serve foods with different textures and variety

Kids tend to have a lot of choices and fluctuating moods when it comes to food. They like to pick foods with different textures. Variation of colours on the plate also makes the food attractive and interesting for kids. Mothers can make use of different vegetable puree to get variations in colour in food. Serving food with different shapes like square paratha, round cucumber, triangle bread can help hyperactive kids to take more interest in food.

Meals properly planned in advance and proper timing of feeding can help in maintaining the nutritional status of hyperactive kids. Stay healthy stay fit!