Why do babies cry?

Why do babies cry?

Babies cannot speak and are completely dependent on us to understand their needs. The only way she will communicate with you, in the beginning, is by crying. Slowly and gradually she will learn to make eye contact and portray other emotions. When she is crying, it can get difficult for you to understand the exact reason. We have listed down a few reasons why your child might be crying!

She is hungry
While she has a small stomach and she may need little food, she may need it often. Crying is the best way she can explain to you that she needs more food. Offer her milk and you will know if hunger was the reason.

She needs to be loved
Babies need a lot of cuddling and love. They need to be understood and protected. Babies need to know that you are there for her. If you don’t attend to her, she will be insecure and scared and is crying because of that. Give her all the attention and love and make her feel comfortable.

She wants to burp
Babies tend to swallow air while being fed or crying. This air when in her tummy can give her trouble. Generally, she may have this kind of wind when she hasn’t burped after the feed. You can pat on her stomach or back and help her burp.

She needs a nappy change
Wet and soiled nappy irritates babies. They also tend to get rashes when their nappy change is missed. She is probably crying because she wants you to know that her nappy is irritating her soft skin. You should also try and give your baby some nappy free time.

She is not feeling well
If her cry is louder and unstoppable as compared to other days, she’s probably facing some health issues. You may want to visit a doctor soon for a regular check-up.

She’s either feeling too hot or cold
She might be crying because the room is too cold or hot. When you want to check your baby’s body temperature, instead of touching her arms and feet, you should check her back or tummy. It will help you understand how she is feeling. Don’t overdress your baby. It may make her feel hot and suffocating.

At the same time, make sure your room temperature is not too low that it is unbearable for her.

She is tired
There are many days when you don’t realize that you haven’t given her quiet time in the entire day. There have been visitors, you have been busy with household work, the house is bright all day and other such reasons can make your baby cranky. She is tired, she needs her space and wants to shut her eyes and relax. Crying can be as good as letting you know she is bored and tired of all the noise.

She has colic
If your baby is crying continuously but is otherwise healthy, she might have colic. With colic, she can become cranky, frustrated and may clench her fists.

If she is crying inconsolably, talk to your doctor to rule out any serious issues.