Wonders of breast milk

Breast milk, undoubtedly, is the best food that you can give to your baby. However, apart from its nutritional benefits, there are many other amazing facts about breast milk. Over the years, experts have been conducting many types of researches to reveal the incredible facts of breast milk to the world. In this article, we will take you through the top 5 wonders of your milk that you should be aware of:

Breast milk has relaxing properties
You might have already known that breast milk contains a lot of nutrients that keep your baby healthy and immune. However, did you know that it had relaxing properties, too? During the evenings, the hormonal changes which take place in your body throughout the day, impact your milk in such a way, that it contains sleep-encouraging hormones. When you nurse your baby in the evenings, you may notice him drifting off to a peaceful sleep after the feed.
Breast milk increases your bonding with your baby
When you hold your baby close to your skin and nurse him, it results in an unexplainable bond between you and your baby. As he latches on to your breast and sucks the milk, you will naturally feel an increase in your hormones. Breastfeeding, according to studies, improves the oxytocin levels in your body as a result you will feel an overwhelming love for your child.
Your breast milk is unique
No two mothers will have the same composition of breast milk. To know that you are feeding your baby something that only you can create is an amazing feeling, isn’t it? According to studies, the composition of milk produced in a woman’s breast is impacted by many factors such as her genes, diet, hormones, environment, her as well as her baby’s needs. Therefore, this milk is different in different women. Your breast milk is a 100% characteristic representation of yourself and is unique to you.
The miracle of breast milk
It is indeed a miracle how your body starts producing breast milk as soon as you deliver your baby. It is even more magical to know the process of how your breasts produce just enough milk for your baby for each feed. Of all the wonders of breast milk, one fact that never ceases to surprise us is the composition of the milk. Did you know that your breast milk will vary in composition based on the gender of your baby?

The needs of a baby boy are different from the needs of a baby girl. Therefore, the composition of your breast milk varies accordingly. If you have a boy, your milk will have 25% more calories than it has when you have a girl.

Keeps you and your baby healthy
Breast milk keeps your baby healthy and safe. It is easy to digest and contains lots of antibodies that make your baby less prone to issues such as allergies, obesity, asthma and more as he grows up. However, that’s not all! Breast milk encourages you to stay healthy as well! When you nurse your baby, you are automatically motivated to eat healthy foods and live an active, healthy lifestyle.