Your Toddler Stage by Stage

While time passes and your baby grows soon, the experience of watching your baby grow each day is one that should be cherished. Here’s a brief guide on the growth of your baby stage by stage along with things you must bear in mind to ensure their healthy development.

First 6 months (0-6 months)

  • Be careful of her head as her body is delicate and she is still growing. It will flop if you don’t support her
  • She will learn to stretch her hands and legs now
  • She is going to start recognizing voices
  • She will open her fists now and will try to use her hands
  • She can roll on both sides
  • She will respond to high contrast objects and loud noises
  • By 3-4 months, she will cut her first tooth
  • She will stare at things away from her, but may not be able to reach it yet
  • She will try holding her head steady and will hold hands together
  • Will observe and try to register new objects
  • She can grab her toes and feet

6-12 months

  • She can sit by herself. She can also stand with support
  • She will try to walk using support
  • She will learn to poke and to point by now
  • Will pull, tear and play with toys in different ways
  • She can hold her bottle. In fact, she will try to feed herself with the spoon, but may not be very successful at it
  • She can find objects that you try to hide from her
  • Looks at pictures in books
  • She will now enjoy toys with lights and music

12-18 months

  • Between 12-15 months, your toddler may be able to stand up without any support.
  • Some children start walking by 15 months and some may take 18 months to start walking.
  • She is now good at recognizing people and will point to people she knows
  • By 18 months, children have a lot of control on their hands and feet movements. She may start attempting to use a spoon or drink from a cup on their own
  • She is also growing emotionally now. She will feel sad if someone around her is crying. She is now aware of her emotions and may also throw tantrums
  • She may also get embarrassed if she is asked to do things she is not comfortable with
  • She may fear being away from her loved ones
  • Your baby will now start saying words in between her normal babbles and grunts.
  • She will follow your instructions and gestures easily.
  • She now knows her name and will respond if she is called
  • She will understand mirror reflection
  • She will hug you and smile at you now

18-24 months

  • Most toddlers are walking by now and some can also run around.
  • By the time she is 2 years, you will know which hand is the dominant one for her
  • She will help in taking off simple things like her socks and will be cooperative when you dress her.
  • You can now start training her on toilet habits. By the time she is 2 years old, she will learn it.
  • At this age, your child starts to feel more emotions like happiness, anger, excitement, etc.
  • She may throw tantrums by screaming, crying, shouting or running away from you.
  • Your toddler should eat well and sleep at least for 13 hours in a day.
  • Your toddler will probably start being able to:
    • – Find hidden things
    • – Sort shapes and colors
    • – Complete familiar rhymes and parts of songs
    • – Name items in books
  • By the time she is 2, she will at last know 50 words and will learn to communicate