Guide to Successful Breastfeeding

All mothers are advised to breastfeed their baby exclusively for the first six months and along with soft foods for the next six months. One year of Breast milk helps the baby to develop her immune system and builds a healthy future for her.

Basics of Breastfeeding

  • Skin touch is the most important during breastfeeding. When you hold your baby close to your chest, she will feel warm and comfortable. She will start looking for your breast and breast milk be produced sooner. You should even hold your baby close to you after breastfeeding is completed to make her feel relaxed and loved.
  • Your partner can help the baby stay close to you in case you are not able to hold the baby because of a caesarean.
  • She will show you signs of hunger. Look for the signs and be ready to feed whenever she needs you.
  • Use pillows for comfort. Any position is okay if you and the baby are comfortable.
  • Stay relaxed and bring your baby close to your breast. Support her head and neck while she is suckling on you.
  • You can support your breast as well and try to express some milk. This will help your baby understand the smell.
  • Once your baby’s chin rests on your breast, help her open her mouth and bring her close to your breast. You may have to do this initially. She will learn gradually.
  • When your baby comes off the breast or is no longer suckling actively, burp her and offer the other breast.
  • Talk to mothers or doctors in case you are finding any difficulty in breastfeeding. Understanding other’s experiences will help you do the right thing for your baby.
  • Proper diet is an important factor during breastfeeding. Whatever you eat is passed on to your baby. Smoking, Alcohol, and drugs should be completely avoided when breastfeeding.