How you can help nurture our future

At Danone, it’s our goal to bring health through food, to as many people. Our One planet, one health vision acknowledges the fact that our health is interconnected

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safe drinking water

Making safe drinking water a household norm

Water is a necessity and plays a crucial role in supporting every lifeform upon the face of our planet. But even though it makes up most of our world, only 2.5 % is freshwater, moreover;

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Giving back to Nature through Water Preservation

Water has always been referred to as the ‘Elixir of Life.’And there is no doubt that it’sessential for the very survival of life.

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Tackling our plastic problem through a circular economy

Our planet today is faced with a tremendous amount of environmental challenges, and one of those is a particularly big problem that concerns plastic.

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Bringing our ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision to life through sustainability and the help of stakeholders

To help take on social inequalities and promote inclusive growth, we at Danone have partnered with the

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